Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Class Expectations

Welcome to Mrs. Moritz's 9th Honors English class blog.
Please answer all of the following questions and respond to what your classmates post.

What are qualities of good teachers?
What are qualities of good students?
What expectations do you have of this class?
What expectations do you have of me as your teacher?


Oliviak said...

Qualities of a good teacher are understanding, energetic, smart, creative, and hard(so students are challenged).
Qualities of a good student are organized, creative, courages, hard working, determined, and flexible.
I hope to have a fun time and still learn alot about English.I also want to feel comfortable in class.
I hope that my teacher will be able to help me learn English, to help me when I need help, and to challenge me so I don't get bored.

Kiraw said...

A good teacher needs to have some qualities such as being friendly, fun, and a challenge to the student. It should be fun to be in their class.
A student should be attentive, hard working, and step up to the teachers needs. We need to be willing to learn.
I hope that this class is fun and a challenge at the same time. I hope to learn new things and to make new friends through projects.
I hope that you make it fun. From how you greeted us all this morning it seems like you do a good job of bringing learning to life. I also expect challenge as it is a honors class.

matta said...

Qualities of a good teacher are that she can connect with studentsant know what the want and need in a class.
Qualities of a good student are listening and have good timemanegment. theyalso need to be able to ask the right questions.
I hope in tis class I will learn more about the english languge and be able to study literature in depth.
I hope my teacher will be able to help me understand anything difficult and yet challenge me to do my best.

MattN said...

The qualities that a good teacher should have are being able to teach the material well and still make it some-what fun for the students to learn.
Qualities of a good student should be hard working, organized, and have a desire to learn.
My expectation of this class are to have fun and learn a lot about the English language, grammer, and all that fun stuff.
Some expectations I have for my teacher is for her to give me the information not just through a text book but be able to give us the information in many different forms.

mollyd said...

A good teacher should be supportive, understanding, and make learning something people want to do, but most of all they should love being a teacher.

A good student is dedicated, hard working, determined, and gives their best in all that they do.

In this class I hope to learn a lot and read some good books. I would also like to learn to enjoy writing more and be exposed to new things.

In this class I hope my teacher will make the class enjoyable and be there when I need help. I would like her to be fun and encouraging.

RayS said...

Qualities of a good teacher are that the teacher as the leader understands how students look to he/she for help. They should have empathy for students and be friendly and enerjetic. Students like when the teacher is envolved with them! They should challenge students in a way that dosn't send them in to spiraling depression.

Qualities of a good student are that they are orginized and prepared. Openminded. Entusiastic and egar to learn.

I hope to Have fun and make friends. I want english to be a comfortable enviorment for everyone so they can express them self freely!

As my teacher i would expect you to encourage me to learn help me when needed and to come up with neat ways to learn so i am not falling asleep in your class (but keep things slightly dificult it is afterall a honors class!).

KelseyL said...

The qualities of a good teacher are that they can connect with the students and make learning fun. They should teach things in a creative and enjoyable way. They should be easygoing but also challenging so that we can learn things but in a fun way.

The qualities of a good student are that they need to be open to learning new things, have an open mind, take risks, be dedicated, motivated, pay attention in class, listen to the teacher, and to have fun while learning.

In this class I hope to become a better writer and to be open to different types of writing and not just one or two. Also I want to be in a fun environment where I can learn without getting bored with what I am learning.

I hope that you will teach me new things in a fun and creative way, that you will be supportive and challenging. I also hope that you will mix up what you are teaching us so that we can learn a variety of things. Also that I will come to love English even more than I do now!

Mikenn@R said...

1. I beleive that a good teacher has a passionate heart for their subject and knows their material well. Someone who wants to see their students succeed in all of their endeavours and be there to help them along the way.

2. To be a good student is to in turn have a passion and desire to learn. Take pride in your work and commit to do your very best. Keep goals and strive to acheive them. Learning is a two way street, your teachers need to work and listen to you and vice versa.

3. I expect to enjoy the class and improve my knowledge about the qualities of a good writer.

4. I expect that my teacher will be patient when i am frustrated and confused. I also think that she will challenge us to be creative and to expand are knowledge of writing and literature. And most of all I expect her to be hard-working and upbeat about enjoying english and the class in general.

jeffreys said...

Some qualities of a good teacher are that they are enregenic and always excited to teach their subject in a way that makes the students want to learn about it. They are also considerate to their students and give them a reasonable amount of time to do the assigned work.

Good students come prepared to class every day, pay attention when they need to, complete/turn in all assignments on time, and have fun in their class.

I expect it to be fun and enjoyable, but challenging at the same time. The reason that everybody in the class singed up for an honors class is because they wanted more of a challenge than a regular English class.

I expect you to have an upbeat attitude in class and to make our learning experience fun. We are more likely to remember you and the things you taught us if we have a good time learning it.

stephanief said...

Qualties of a good teacher are someone who's fun, understanding and challenging at the same time. someone who will push and make us work but makes it enjoyable at the same time.
Qualities of a good student are organized, willing to push themselves and learn, and put a good efort into the class.
I hope to have fun in this class and learn as much as i can.
I hope my teacher will make the class fun to be in and challenge me. I hope to come out of the class with a better understanding in English.

Caryn S said...

A good teacher must have a willingness to help their students. If a teacher is not willing to help, they are, essentially, not willing to teach. The teacher must also show their willingness; otherwise they would give a false impression to the students. I think that in order to show that, they need to be friendly and capable of making their students feel comfortable. An uncomfortable mind can easily become a closed mind, cutting itself off from everything, including learning new material being taught.
On the same note, a student needs to have an open mind, an accepting attitude that allows them to look at everything without a previous opinion gnawing at the back of their head. They need to be willing to learn just as much as the teacher is willing to teach, and be able to be flexible and rise to the standards the teachers need them to be at. It’s a partnership between teacher and student.

For this class, I would like to be able to learn about English in a way that’s not boring for me, but other than that I’m not really expecting anything but an enjoyable semester. Same goes for the teacher-I don’t have a certain experience in mind, just an enjoyable and interesting course.

jkeefer said...

Qualities of a good teacher are being understanding, patience, a little strict, and creative!
The Qualities of a good student are: Organization, determination, hard work, and creativity.
I expect to perfect my english, and have fun while doing so. As my teacher, I hope help will be given if I ask, the ability to prevent me from getting bored! Most importantly, I hope you will help me imporve my english.

OliviaO said...

Qualities of a good teacher are to be fun and funny, happy with a good attitude, easy to talk to, helpful and understanding.

Qualities of a good student are to show up to class, participate in class, do their homework, and to do their best.

In this class i hope to learn more literature and better grammar and i want to read all of the books she asks me too. I want to have fun in this class.

I hope that my teacher will be able to connect with my class and help me see deeper into literature and challenge me so i have to do my best and lastly, hopefully she wont assign too much homework (wishful thinking, I know).

matthewg said...

Some qualities good teachers often possess are the abilities to make subjects seem fun by keeping the class involved, and interacting with the students. Good teachers are blessed with the talent of making jokes and keeping the class lively, without letting it get out of hand to the point where students begin to disrupt the class.
Good students have other qualities which are mainly their abilities to focus their attention on the teacher and what he or she is saying while taking notes and asking questions, if only to research later. Getting homework done and studying before doing anything else is also important.
Before I came to school on Tuesday I was expecting my Honors English class to be one of my more exciting classes, and so far, I have not been let down. I choose to attend an honors class because I wanted a challenge, and I hope I will not be let down there, either.
I do not have many expectations for you as a teacher, except that you do your best to be what I described a good teacher to be. Based upon the first day you have exceeded expectations, and I will strive to do the same.

Kalyn K said...

A good teacher has specific qualities that make them excellent. For Instance, the teacher must be original, wise, challening, and lively.
The qualities that good students have are intelligent, bold, inspiring, and enthusiastic.
Being able to have fun while learning and having great discussions are my expections for this class.
As a teacher I except for you to be energetic, fun, and encouraging to all stundents.


erinp said...

Qualities of a good teacher are that they are a good teacher of course, by making the class fun and not boring, being creative, funny, and not giving too much weekend homework!!

Qualities of a good student are that the student is hard working, organized, excited to do the work, and prepared

Expectations I have for this class is that it will be fun and we will have a good time but still do work, and to not be bored.

Expectations I have for you as my teacher is to help me learn more, understand more English (like Shakespeare stuff), being able to get help when i need it, and to keep our class from not getting bored.

helenp said...

The qualities of a good teacher are patience, openess, creativity, and understanding. A teacher needs to get his/her point across while still intriguing the students.
A good student should be organized, determined, focused, and willing to learn.
I hope to be able to gain more understanding of literature from this class and improve on my writing. I also hope that my teacher can help me to do this while still making class fun.

rrapp said...

Qualities of a good teacher include: teenage-liking,pretty easy-going, organized, and having the desire to be in the classroom. They also have to have a good concern for their students. In my opinion they should be humorous, just because that creates a more exciting enviornment.
Qualities of a good student include: hard working, motivated, organized, reponsible, and participation in class.
I expect this class to be hard. A lot of homework and reading is what we will do. I hope to have some class discussions, and accomplish work as a group.
I expect we will learn a lot from the teacher, and we will be challenged. I also expect to the teacher to give us help when we need it.

AustinD said...

I find a good teacher always knows the strenghts and limitations of the class he or she teaches. They will also challange the students when they are on par with the material and are losing interest. Their attitude is positive, but stern when necessary. The attitude of the teacher is the attitude of the student.

Good students are those who are prepaired for the challenges that the cirriculum will bring. Organization, punctuallity, and good work ethic are good examples. In addition, the student should be willing to ask questions and seek new challenges when he or she is falling behind or ahead of the class.

I have high expectations of the challenges of this class. However, it is because of these challenges that I chose to participate in honors English. English has always been one of my strongest subjects, and though it is not my favorite, I will rise to the challenge.

There really isn't much I expect of any teacher; I have always found a way to grow accidemically with any teacher. My English teachers tend to be energetic and fun-loving. Just by today, the tradition isn't ending yet. However, I expect challenges and a Great Year!

Madisont said...

Qualities of a good teacher are energetic, spontaneous, bright, humorous, exciting, and challenging.

Qualities of a good student are respect, energetic, attentive, mindful, and constructive.

My expectations of the class are to have fun, to be challenged, to be inventive, purposeful, diligent, and animated.

My expectations of the teacher are for her to be decisive, earnest, and for her to make an individual the best he/she can be.

dermodys said...

Some qualities of a great teacher are smart,creative, understanding,enthusiastic,friendly,and to be willing to challenge the students to do more!

Some qualities of a great student are hard-working, patience, creatity, flexiblity, attentiveness, understanding, eagerness to learn more, responsiblity, and respect.

In this class I expect to learn alot while having tons of fun. I also expect to learn new things about reading statagies that will be useful throughout highschool and college.

I expect that you will make the class enjoyable so I am not thinking "oh great english" while also teaching us lots of new things that will not just help us in class work but throughout our lives.

delaney n said...

There are many qualities a good teacher should have. First of all, a good teacher must know how to keep the attention of the students. Otherwise, we'll get bored and become more unwilling to learn. A good teacher also must be creative. Pushing the students while still keeping interest is extremely important.

Good students should have a will to learn. Without it, school is going to be difficult. They should be determined to succeed and do everything in their power to do so.

I hope that with this class I can learn and develop a greater respect for english. I want to be challenged, but also really enjoy the class.

I hope that you will teach us english. Of course. But also help us to have fun while learning. Help us to love english as much as you do! =]

catherinec said...

Good qualtites that a teacher should have are cleverness(for their lesson plans), helpful, witty(to make the class more enjoyable), and they have to enjoy teaching themselves.
In order to be a good student, the student should have these qualities: organiziation, alertness in class, being able to ask for help, and to know when not to procrastinate.
My expectatinos for this class is to read books that are books that i would never choose and to be put to a challenge.
The expectations that I have for you as my teacher is that you will be able to challenge us and to make the class enjoyable(even though it seems as you already do).

ashleyG said...

A good teacher must possess a variety of qualities. Some of these qualities include patience, a good sense of humor, interest and enthusiasm in what he or she teaches and understanding. A good teacher is someone that can teach the material in a way that relates to all different ways of learning.

A good student must possess similar qualities as well. A few of these qualities would include being organized, good at listening and following directions, showing creativity and being able to share their ideas.

Something I would like to get out of Mrs. Moritz's English class
would be a better understanding for the subject. I would like to look back at the end of the semester and know that I have accomplished much and had a good time doing it.

I hope that as a teacher you can make learning fun while at the same time challenging. It's always good to see an enthusiastic teacher at the front of the class because knowing you want to be there helps us as students be more willing to learn.

KelsieL said...

The qualities I think make a good teacher are the willingness to work with each student, being energetic, and being able to push a student to work as hard as they can so that they can achieve more.

The qualities i think make a good student are wanting to learn and being dedicated to doing so, staying organized and on top of their work, and being creative.

My expectations of this class are basically to have fun, be challenged, and learn about english in the process.

My expectations for a teacher are to be willing to teach and work with me and help me be the best i can be, not just in their class but to inspire me to be the best I can at everything in life that i want to accomplish.

kennaw said...

A good teacher should have qualities such as being creative with their assignments, funny to add excitement to the class, challenges students and pushes them to do their best work,and always helps students when it is needed.
A student should possess the qualities as having a desire to learn and pay attention to what is being taught in class, turn assignments in on time, respect other students and the teacher (no interruptions and doesn't judge opinions), and has a fun personality participating in class.
I expect this class to not be easy in a way that it challenges me, and that i learn more on writing becoming a better writer, to read interesting novels, and to be fun since you're the teacher!!!
Obviously i expect you to push me beyond my expectations, to help me improve on writing, and to make class enjoyable which you probably will anyway!!!

Alexm said...

The qualities of a good teacher should be knowlegdable, understanding, fun, and exciting, and even a little bit challenging.
A good student should be open minded, responsible, a good listener, and an active particapant in class.
I expect to learn a lot about our language, have fun, and get to know new people.
I expect help when needed and I expect you as my teacher to be my friend.

rachels said...

Qualities of a good teacher are being able to understand how best to teach their subject while being challenging and connecting with the students.
Qualities of a good student are being willing to work hard, ask good questions, and be dedicated to learning.
My expectations of this class are that it will be fun but challenging, and I hope to learn about and fully understand the pieces we're reading.
My expectations of you as a teacher are that you'll teach us what we need to know for 9th grade English and more in a fun way.

evand said...

1.A good teacher should be kind, energetic, compassionate, and creative.
2.A good student should be hard working, dedicated, and be able to make sacrifices.
3.I hope we don't get too much homework.
4.I hope my teacher can keep the subject interesting.

AlyssaC said...

-Good qualities that a teacher should have is a sense of humor, to be happy and optimistic, creative, to not be sexist. They should also like what their teaching, or else it becomes boring.
-Good qualities of a student are being organized, optimistic, open minded, and they too, must have a sense of humor.
-For the next semester in this class, i expect it to not be boring, but to actually learn something.
-My expectation for you as a teacher, is for you to keep us interested in the topics were learning, and to teach in a creative way.

Coled said...

Qualities of a good teacher are to be responsible, get invloved with their students, offer help and support to those who need it, and to connect with their classes.
Qualities of a good student include creativity, working hard, making sacrifices, comitting to their schoolwork, and holding themselves accountable for their actions.
I hope that this class is both informational and fun. I hope to learn new things in a somewhat relaxed environment, and meet new people throughout the year.
I hope that you, as a teacher, will provide us with knowledge, and yet allow us some time to relax and get to know the other students. I hope that you have high expectations for the class, give us a challenge, and offer assistance when needed.

hollyb said...

I believe that a teacher should really love what she is doing and also loves coming to school evey day. A teacher is fun, good sense of humor, and works hard

A good student is organized, pays attention in class, works hards, is well rounded, and is respectful to students and teachers alike.

In this english class this year, I want to enjoy the class while learning about english itself. I also want to become a stronger tech writer.

I believe that our teacher should be energetic, loves what she does, and is fun loving. I also believe that Mrs. Moritz should work with kids indiviualy so they can reach beyond their potentail.

HillaryR said...

Good teachers know how to excite their students about the subject matter by being energetic, outgoing, and fun when they teach. A droaning teacher will bore their students and as a result the students will not pay attention and learn nothing. A teacher should just love to teach and have a passion for helping others. Good students can accept critisism gracefully and learn from their mistakes to produce a better outcome the next time around, no matter how emotionally attached they were to their original work. I expect to learn how to think in this class, because essentially that is what school is for, to develop the brain and learn to think for oneself. I hope that my teacher will encourage me in my escapades, while also helping me learn about reality.

jshomaker said...

Qualities of a good teacher i think is the ability to help a student if they are struggling. Teach in ways that effectively teach them and definately eliminate the busy work. A good student is hard working, organized, and willing to ask for help if they need it. I hope this class teaches me alot without all the busy work. I hope i feel comfortable and confident that i know what I'm doing. I hope that you challenge me and don't bore me to death! I want you to give me the chance to be creative and to prove to you that I know what I am doing. :)

Anonymous said...

A good teacher has many qualities. He or she should understand their students while still being in charge. Like Kira said a teacher should be friendly and challenging to his/her students. They must reconize when a student is struggling,not bieng pushed, or is doing thier best.

A good student must want to learn and be inspired to learn. They must work well with their time and complete every assingment as well as they can.

In this class I hope to learn about English and about high school. I hope to grow in my writting and enjoy this experience.

My teacher can help me do that by working with my writting with me and by giving us the experienc of a real high school course.

JoeS said...

1. Good teachers need to listen and understand, explain things thoroughly, be there to help, and keep class fun.
2. Good students need to pay attention, stay on top of their work, ask questions and get involved.
3. I don't usually read too much, so this year I expect to learn a bunch through the different literature we study.
4. I hope you make this class fun and exciting since English can be boring at times. I also hope you can help me to get a lot out of this class.

emilyh said...

1. Qualities of a good teacher include making an assignment interesting by relating it to students' life and never making anyone feel bad about asking a question. Also to help students get back on track when they are falling behind and who also try to get to know us beyond our school-life.
2.Qualities of good students are ones that exceed the requirements on an assignment, pay attenion in class, and contribute in class discussions.They are always prepared for class whether it be reading a chapter in a book for discussion the next day or studying for a test.
3.My expectations for this class are to read some important novels that may change my perspective on one thing or more, to become a better writer, and to be able to get more meaning from a peice of literature.I would also like to build on my grammar skills and my vocabulary.
4. My expectations of you as my teacher include challanging us by having us look at something differently than we normally would and to introduce us to some important peices of literature of our time and to help us take it to a greater meaning. I hope that you give us assingments that are fun and that also teach us a new skill.

CatherineD said...

Qualities of a good teacher include helpfullness, understanding, challenging, and friendliness.
Qualities of a good student are organized, responsible, trustworthy, creativity, promptness, and friendly.
Some expectations that I have for this class are that I be challenged but not completely overwhelmed.I hope to learn alot but in various and creative ways. In this class I hope to be comfortable enough to speak freely and openly about the topic. The expectations I have for a good teacher are that I am able to go to the teacher for help. Also, a teacher who is able to understand that English isn't our only class that we get HW in. The final, most important aspect of a good teacher is that we are able to learn in a fun and creative way.

marissas said...

There are many unique qualities that a good teacher should have. They need to be both strict and nice. They need to be strict so that students don't slack off or be disruptive, but they also need to be nice so that they can connect with their students. They also need to be creative and tough so that students are not bored, and they are challenged.

There are many unique qualities that students need to have as well. Students need to like the class that they are in so that they pay attetion and obtain all the information that they have been taught. They also need to be willing to do their homework. They should do they best that they can and follow the all teacher's expectations.

Some of my expectations of this class include: improving my writing skills, improving my reading comprehension, and learning new vocabulary words in a fun and chanllenging way.

I am hoping that Mrs. Moritz will help achieve all the expectations that I have of this class. I hope that she will connect with me as a student and challenge me so that I can get the most out of this class.

jenb said...

Qualities of a good teacher are that they love the subject that they teach, they love to be with the kids, and that they work hard to make learning as enjoyable and memorable as possible.
Qualities of a good student are that they work hard, respect the teacher, and actually want to learn.
I expect that this class will be lots of fun, but also challenging as an honors class.
I expect that the teacher will work hard to make this class fun and challenging, and that she will teach us in the best way she can.

RaeannL said...

Qualities of a good teacher are, they understand their students, they are creative, love to have fun, have faith in their students and challenge their students.
Qualities of a good student are they are, orginized, self-suficient, hard working, always do a little bit extra and they are not afraid to ask questions.
during english this year I hope to learn but have fun learning as well, I also would like to do lots of hands on activities.
my expectations of my teacher is that she is fun, understanding and challenges me.

patrickd said...

i think a good teacher should help the students understand the subject while making it fun. students should be organized, are good listeners, and hard working. i hope to learn more about english and have fun. i hope that you make me like reading a little funner and overall the class funner.

vballqueen said...

I think that qualities of a good teacher is a teacher who can make material come to life and not be boring to the student. Also a good teacher is one that likes to teach and has fun in class. And one that doesn't give alot of homework!
Qualities of a good student include having fun in class but knowing when to be serious and students that participate and ask questions.
I think that I will be really challenged, expecially because I have sports and other honors classes. I also think that it is good to be challenged and I am looking foward to this semester.
My expactations for you as a teacher are that you will be fun and energetic and that I will learn alot in your classs this year.

shannanp said...

Qualities of a good teacher are people who enjoy teaching the age they are teaching, they need to be able to relate to us as students when it comes to work, and make themselves as open as possible so we feel comfortable to talk to the teacher.
A good student is someone that works to their highest potential at all times, is always open to learn, has a positive attitude and feels comfortable discussing what they know in front of their class or more people.
Expectations i have for this class are to have higher standards, since its honors. I also expect to have plenty of writing assignments but i hope to learn new styles of writing we can apply to our everyday work.
Expectations i have for you as my teacher is to obviusly teach me more about writing, vocabulary, and reading, etc. but to also know how hard i am working and what my full potential is. then you can help me to reach my highest potential even if i don't know i haven't reached it yet. i also expect you to be positive in all ways and to encourage us to seek other help outside of class when needed.

Tasha P said...

I think a good teacher has to like the subject they're teaching, and they have to enjoy teaching it. A good teacher needs to be interesting to listen to, a droning teacher is not someone I would like to have teaching me; I think they should try (and succeed) at making the subject fun and interesing so the student is not looking at the clock frequently.
I think a good student should want to learn, to be eager to do the best they can at everything. I'm not saying they should be an overachiever, but I'll also say that some traits a good student should have are: organization, determined, hard working, and they should also enjoy thier classes, rather than being focused and serious all the time.
I want to learn a lot in this class, and I want to have fun in it; I hope that it will be an exciting experience for me, and I hope that I can do the best I can.
I hope that you make the subjects interesting, so that I would be looking forward to the class; I hope that it will be challenging for me, and I expect you to encourage me to do my best.

Sethd said...

i belive that the qualities of a good teacher are intelligent, challenging, energetic, and creativity. thses qualities will make the class more enjoyable.
Qualities of a good student include organization, determined, they need to be focused and the need to creative as well.
This year i hope to be a better writer. i would like to be challenged a little so that i do noyt breeze through the class as i have done earlier. i hope that my teacher can incorperate the ability to have fun while chalenging me as well.

lisal said...

Qualities of a good teacher are smart, caring, and fair. They challenge their students but also understand that students have a life outside of school.
Qualities of a good student are helpful, determined, posative, and flexible.
In this class I expect to be challenged. I hope to read good books and take my language art skills to a greater level.
I expect my teacher to be organized and use the class time productively. I also expect her to be willing to give extra help and recognize each student as and individual.