Sunday, April 13, 2008

3rd Hour April 11 Scribe

Friday's class started with Mrs. Moritz informing us that it was her daughter's birthday! MacKenzie turned 5 on Friday, and when her mom asked her what she wanted to have for her birthday dinner, she said chicken nuggets. When Mrs. Moritz asked if it would be OK if her and David had chicken nuggets and the other people had some real chicken, she got a very frank "no". In the end they elected to have ravioli in order to please everybody.

This story made her think of a different story, but instead of going into that, I am just going to give a warning, directly from Mrs. Moritz, to all of her students: do NOT serve chicken nuggets at your wedding.

Now, on to the important part of the class period, the group presentation of pages 147-167 in 1984. Today's presnetors were Kalyn, Holly, and Catherine. The prenentation started with each student writing down a main point from the story on a half sheet of paper, and then taking a five question quiz on the pages read. Questions included "What happened to one of Winston's co-workers and who was it?", "What week is it and what song are they singing?", "Where are Julia and Winston meeting?", and a few others. The presentors then took the main ideas from that we wrote down and, after filtering out duplicates, divided us into two teams and we played pictionary. Because of the high number of duplicates in the class, the game didn't last very long and eventually we moved into a deeper discussion of the section. One major point that was discussed was the scene where Winston was remembering his childhood and he greedily took food and chocolate from his sister, and how he thinks that, somehow, that was an indirect cause of their disipereance. After Mrs. Moritz coughed "semester project" and then asked what that scene showed about humans, we decided that it said that we are greedy, that we can be cruel, and that when we are desprate we will do anyting to fulfil our needs.

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