Monday, April 21, 2008

3rd Hour Scribe-April 21, 2008

Well… today was actually quite uneventful compared to the insightful class periods we normally have. Of course, we started off today with the announcements, covering pretty much everything from the upcoming Prom Talent Show (which will be taking place this Thursday, April 24th in the auditorium), to the victory of the girls lacrosse team over Douglas County. After the announcements were finally over, Moritz jumped right into asking how everyone’s weekends were. The conversation didn’t last too long, and as soon as Moritz was done picking on Joe, we began our punctuation quizzes. This, unfortunately, was the highlight of our class. We spent quite a bit of time taking the quiz, while Moritz came around signing the yellow schedule sheet for honors classes. If you haven’t given it to Moritz to sign, make sure you fill it out and have her sign it before the due date, which is April 29!!!!! After we finished the quiz, we were given the rest of the period to read 1984 and make sure that we are prepared for tomorrow’s lesson. Be sure to finish reading through page 298 by tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I'm not very good with blogger so I did not know how to get my own title, so this will work. WE ARE DONE WITH 1984! We started with announcements and then Moritz started off by telling us that she will not be here on Thursday. Then she gave the class to the group that was presenting. We took the section quiz and then decided as a class to do a large group discussion rather then a fischbowl. We then talked about everything from Winston's journal in the cell to our own room 101's to what we thought of the ending. Joe told us that his room 101 would to be eaten by a big fish, or be stuck in a tunnel.... or both, and Mortiz said that her room 101 would be the torture of her kids. Then we decided that the ending was not exciting and still none of us like Big Brother. The big part of today's class though was about what is our room 101 and how does it affects who we are. Then it came up that room 101 is our weakest point and we all have one in us. After that we stared talking about the weirdest fears like the fear of milk or bathrooms. Then we got candy from the leading group, thanks girls!
See ya tomorrow,

raelangas said...

Today in class Alyssa led a discussion on why we thought Mrs. Moritz had us read the book, 1984. The discussion started off a little slow but Alyssa did a great job of getting it going. Many people though that we read 1984 to stay with the theme of challenging the system. The conversation got a little heated when we started talking about the risk of dropping out of school. Many people thought that if you drop out of school you life is a complete disaster while others believed that you can still be successful without a high school diploma. We had to end the discussion quickly because of the lack of time. After the discussion Mrs. Moritz introduced the final assessment choices for 1984.