Tuesday, April 22, 2008

3rd hour question

Do you think that Orwell's predictions could ever become a reality? What types of things would they include?

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kennaw said...

Today in 3 hour English, we worked on our semester projects in room C22 (computer lab). Mrs. Moritz started out by apologizing for the prompts not being posted online. Then she told us that we'd have our government shirts by Monday because it took too long to get all of them done on Thursday. She said she was a good house mom and baked delicious chocolate chip cookies. She says we're lucky we get another three days to do it, although we'll all most likely start it on Sunday night at 9:30. :) Anyways, for the rest of the hour we worked on our projects in groups. About the last ten minutes of class, Mrs. Moritz stopped our so called "hard-working" and asked us to go to the portal and see our grade for this class. She described how if we have a blue triangle on a comprehension quiz grade of 1984, that it means it's missing and you need to make it up. Also, she said if you look at your wikified research papers, that don't assume your grade is wrong because it's split up into separate parts remember. If you were one of the first people who got graded on this, the rubric was wrong and she had to go back and look over it again. Therefore; your grade might be a little different. If you are convinced your grade is wrong, you should go in to see her but NOT during class. Do it during an unscheduled time. So, that was what we did in class today!