Friday, April 18, 2008

3rd Hour Discussion Question

We discussed this a little bit in class but I think it is really significant.
Why is O'Brien keeping Winston alive? How does he benefit from keeping him alive and will he be the one who kills him in the end?


catherinec said...

I think that O’Brien is keeping Winston alive because he wants Winston to realize why the Party works the way it does. Earlier in the book, Winston writes in his diary that he knows how the Party works but not why. Also, O’Brien is trying very hard to get Winton realize why his doings against the Party did nothing. I think the only thing that O’Brien might benefit from is knowing that he was turned one more person into a follower of the party. In the end, I don’t think that O’Brien will kill him in the end because he won’t have the guts to do it.

hollyb said...

I think O'Brian wants to keep Winston alive just to play with his mind. In the book, it said that first they purify the mind, then they kill the person. I think that they are going to do the same thing with Winston.

On the other hand, O'Brain might be keeping him alive because he likes Winston. O'Brain has been watching him for seven years, so maybe Winston just grew on him.

hollyb said...

Sorry guys. I could figue out how to post this on the home page so I'm doing it here.

April 19 Scribe. Per 3

Today the class had another 1984 presentation. Before the presentation however, Mrs. Moritz talked about the elite 10 sophomores for Link Crew next year. These special students get to work behind the scenes and are invited to all of the Link crew events.

Any way, Emily, Matt, and Caryn presented and per usual, began with a quiz. After the quiz, the class engaged in a fishbowl. You had to participate in the fishbowl or you wouldn’t get the extra point on the quiz.

Our first topic was about O’Brian and determining whether he was for the party, part of the brotherhood, or somewhere in between. Next, students compared 1984 to today world countries . Some of the students compared it to the United States because of the media influence and how the government keeps secrets from the common US citizen. The US is also, apparently, is torturing political enemies on US territories so that the common US citizen doesn’t have to know about it.

Another big topic was how O’Brian was able to know what Winston was thinking. Mrs. Moritz pointed out that if you know a person well enough. That you kind of have the ability to read their thoughts. I think that it is because of the technology that O’Brian processes. Other students thought that it was because O’Brian had been trough the process before and knew what was coming.

The last big topic was Julia regarding whether Winston should just forget about her or if she is the person that is keeping him alive. On the flip side, some people think that she wasn’t even captured while other think that she is going through the same torture that Winston is going through.

Overall, I think that the fishbowl worked out really well. I wasn’t boring and all through out the hour, it kept my attention. If was also fun to her Mr. Moritz’s view on some of the topics discussed. If you were gone, you missed out on a lot. Oh well.

lisal said...

O'brien, I believe, is a member of the inner party. Keeping Winston alive and changing him into a loyal party member is O'brien's job. It also seems like he may deal with cases like Winston often.