Friday, April 11, 2008

4th Hour Blog Question

Here are our group question for pages 147-167.

Do you think there is any significance behind the St. Clement's Church song? Does it foreshadow anything significant in the future or relate to Winston's interest in the past in any way?

What do you think the Red-Armed prole woman represents for all the proles as well as Winston? What kind of attitude do you think proles have in life because of how they are treated?


Oliviak said...

Well there is probably some significance to the St. Clement’s church song, or else the author would not have put that in the story.
The Red-armed prole women represent Winston desire to have emotions, and to go back to the past. I think this because of what he is thinking about when she appears. Really I am not so sure what the real answer is I think that we will be able to figure it when we read more.

shannanp said...

I think the significance of the song is that it is a link to the past that neither Winston nor anyone else that is actively rebelling has heard. I think it might possibly foreshadow Winston having more evidence from the past to better dictate the revolt against Big Brother.

I think the red-armes prole woman represents the caring nature of all of the people before the Revolution and the caring nature that still exists in the proles after the Revolution. I think that the proles still have a positive outlook on life even though they are treated poorly, they see they are better off than the brainwashed so called "normal" people of their society.

matta said...

I believe it signifies something that exists in Winston's world, but not something that is going to happen to him. I think that the churches are like the Party, in that they always want something from you, and there is always more that you could give. This is represented in the last line of the poem, because the demand of the party is too great to be filled by any one, so there is always a shortage.

As for the red armed women she represents the life Winston wishes he had. He wishes that he could be free enough, that he could choose what to do over and over again each day, and then be able to sing while doing it. She symbolizes not being afraid of the party, and she symbolizes the life Winston wants.