Thursday, April 10, 2008

4th Hour April 10th Scribe

Today in class we began by voting on some rescheduling. Because counselors are coming to class on Tuesday, our reading of pgs 167-224 is due on Monday. Mrs. Moritz will be taking more control over our presentations so that important subjects in the sections get discussed. Next we focused on some grammar clarifications about commas. We talked about when to insert a comma before the conjunction, as well as where to insert bookend commas (around interruptive commas). By Monday, we need to be done with page 264 in the grammar packet. Moving on, we took a quiz about pgs. 117-147. The quiz was awesome and hopefully everyone did super on it. To discuss the section of reading we did, the presenters presented a game of Jeopardy! We split up into our presenting groups of three for the game. This resulted in 7 teams. To determine which group went, the presenters called out a number that was on a grid, and the first group to name the coordinates got to go! Pretty darn creative, although sometimes it was hard to discern which group found the coordinates first since we alternated from calling it out to raising hands. Mrs. Moritz eventually intervened and went in front to determine whose hand was raised first. Most of the questions were content based so little in-depth thinking was required. A few were opiniated questions, like "Is Julia more optimistic than Winston?" and "Do you think Julia really loves Winston?" People's thoughts on this question varied greatly, from yes (why would she risk so much), to no (her affair with him is political rebellion), to it's hard to tell (we're not given very much information about her past affairs). Final Jeopardy was "Explain the irony in the way George Orwell writes about sex." It was an intense game and everyone got really involved. Our homework tonight is to read pages 147-167. Have fun reading!

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