Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Scribe 3rd Hour April 16

So.......As we walked in today, we had a quick discussion about how amazingly fabulous Beauty and the Beast was last night. Then we moved on to the important stuff.

We talked about the three choices for Honors American Lit next year: Robinson, LeClaire, and Ackerman. Moritz said good things about all three and told us to see her if we want her further opinion/recommendation on who we should take individually. Most of us also got our PLJ's back with grades (Mine happened to be decorated adorably by David).

We then got an introduction to our political t-shirt assignment, which is due on Monday. We offered examples of political t-shirts and bumper stickers that we'd seen, and then Moritz showed us some examples of past shirts. We chose our groups and brainstormed some ideas for the project, which is basically this: Create a political t-shirt design that is dealing with the government in 1984. I heard many good ideas floating around by the end of class. By the way, sorry this is posted so late.

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CatherineD said...

3rd Hour Scribe for the 17th

Today we started off class by listening to Mrs. Moritz read her poem that was to celebrate poem in your pocket day. It was about the changing of the seasons. Then, we moved on to a discussion about what is collaboration for our semester long project. We came to the conclusion that collaboration involves the whole group discssing and contributing. Also, if you can't agree, agree to disagree. Next, we talked about how the week will be for this upcoming week. The major events are that Wed. is a late start so each class is 20 minutes. Also, we will get our 1984 final assesment. Finally, we worked on our T-shirts. Remember to have the text and picture in mirror image mode.Also, e-mail it to Mrs. Moritz. The t-shirt is due Monday!