Thursday, April 3, 2008

3rd Hour Scribe April 3, 2008

We began class by gathering our jackets and walking across Dry Creek to Einsteins for breakfast. The entire trip took about a half hour, and $70 later we were back in the classroom. With full stomachs we were left about 20 min. to finish the discussion we began yesterday with Laney, Joe, Evan and Matt's group. Joe stood at the front of the class and resumed discussion. There was truly not much to say. We talked about the significance of the parlor dream and every ones opinion on the possibility of this event to be a glimpse of foreshadowing or simply a memory. With only a few minutes left Mrs. Moritz ended the class period with a few questions her other class presented her with. We discussed our views over the possibility of the governments control of oil and gasoline, and the possibilities of an alternative fuel that is not being released to the public. We also had a small discussion of the holding of information about the cure to cancer and aids. This short but incredibly intriguing discussion is sure to be continued tomorrow...

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Scribe for April 4th:

In class Kelsie, Molly, Jenifer, and Amber had prepared the acitivity for duscussion on pages 37-69 in 1984. First, we took a five question quiz consisting of the following questions and answers:

1. What is Winston's job and why is it ironic?
*Winston works in the Ministry of Truth in the department of records. His job is ironic because he dishonesty changes records to replace old ones in order to create "Truth".
2. What is Winston writing about in his diary?
*Winston is writing about his old wife Katharine and their sexual experiance while they were living together.
3. What language is expected to take over by the year 2050.
4. Who was Comrade Ogilvy?
*Comrade Ogilvy is a fictional character made up by Winston to replace a person who was vaporized.
5. What did Parsons' daughter do on her field trip?
*Parsons' daughter followed a suspicious hiker and turned him into the Thought Police.

After the quiz our class was split into teams to play a trivia game. Each team was asked a question and then the team which answered first and answered correctly won the round. For extra points the team could try to throw a paper wad into a paper bag.
The trivial questions were as follows:

1. What was Winston's greatest pleasure?
2. What did Syme and Parsons do ask Winston for?
3. Why did Winston record his last sexual experience in his diary?
4. What happened at lunch?
5. Did Winston's job hurt or help his rebellious feelings?
6. Who was Comrade Ogilvy?
7. What newspaper is mentioned during lunch?
8. Why did Winston rewrite the story of Comrade Ogilvy?
9. T/F Big brother is always right the first time.
10. Why did Winston's wife leave?
11. Does anyone know the truth about anything?
12. What is a memory whole?
13: Besides getting vaporized, how else were people killed?
14. Why was Parsons proud of his children?
15. What branch of his ministry does Winston work in?
16. How is the job Winston doing similar to propaganda during a war?
17. What does B.B. want to change the word "Bad" to?
18. How much is the chocolate rash in reduced to?
19. Who is Winston writing about?
20. What does this chapter tell us about relationships?
21. How does this book relate to Fahrenheit 451?
22. Why does the party rewrite history?
23. What is the Ingsoe?
24. Do you think it is fair that children can turn people in?