Wednesday, April 16, 2008

4th Hour Scribe-April 16th

At the beginning of class Mrs. Moritz discussed the fact that we have to go see Arapahoe’s production of Beauty and the Beast. There was much discussion. Then, Mrs. Moritz tried to get us back on track by talking about the fact that we have to take English (American Lit) next year and that there are three choices of teachers: Mr. Robinson,Mrs. Leclaire,and Mrs. Ackerman. There were lots of questions about the different teaching styles. Then, a question was asked, inquiring if the grammar quiz was going to be hard and Mrs. Moritz decided that was a perfect segue to get the class back on track. We turned in the last two pages of the packet. After, Mrs. Moritz asked us if we ever saw anti-government t-shirts and what they said. Such as “Obama for your mama” or “No ones ever seen a hot piece of elephant”. And then we erupted into side conversations and Mrs. Moritz asked if we ever saw a t-shirt or political cartoon that was personally offensive. Mrs. Moritz said that, personally, the Link Crew political cartoon in the Arapahoe Herald was offensive to her. She then put us into small groups to discuss political cartoons/shirts. We saw shirts that were from last year, one that started with the quote “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” and the group changed it into Newspeak pertaining to the party. There was also one that had McDonald in the telescreen telling a child to “Put a smile on”. After seeing the shirts, in our groups we were given the assignment of making our own creation for an anti-1984 government t-shirts.

Read 224-274 for Friday! Grammar quiz on Monday!

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