Tuesday, April 8, 2008

4th Hour Scribe April 8th

Hi everybody. Today in class, Mrs. Moritz started off clarifying some questions on what we've been doing this semester. The first clarifications was on our grammar backgrounds and for Mrs. Moritz to understand why we did less-than-satisfactory on the quizzes. People said that they did not have a very good background in grammar, and others said the directions on the quiz were not very clear. Mrs. Moritz said that she was under the misconception that we all had learned a considerable amount of grammar before high school. She also clarified the explications of poems. The last question was on 1984; she said that it was student driven, a part of what sets us up for classes in later high school and to be college ready. Mrs. Moritz said that she's trying to do the best to prepare us for AP and higher classes. She also said that if anyone is not happy with what is going on in class, they should talk to her and clarify how they feel about what the class is doing. Next, we were presented a quiz on pages 69 - 117, and some people did not create a quiet quiz environment so other people could work, thanks a lot...anyway...then we divided into four groups and played a simple jeopardy game on the book 1984. The directions were pretty self-explanatory. The first question (400 points) on the dark-haired girl (is she a friend or not) brought up answers from all of the groups - some said yes she is a friend because why would she risk so much for him if she was not a friend, one group also why would she wait that long to rid of him if she really was going to rid of him, but Dennis (G2) brought up the possibility of her just getting him isolated to "assassinate him or something" - Group 3 got 400 points. They picked a question (for 500 points) that was "How has the girl changed Winston and his outlook?" People said that she has brought up in his mind the possibility that there are other people out there who are secretly fighting the Party. One group said that she has brought hope to him to fight the Party, and that he has something worth living and risking his life for because he knows that he is going to be vaporized. Group 1 got 500 points. They picked a question for 300 points "This church is near the location where Winston met the dark-haired girl". The answer was St. Martain's, and Group 3 got 300 more points. They picked a 200 point question. "Why are capitalists viewed the way they are in the book?" One answer was that capitalists are viewed bad because the Party is using propaganda to show that capitalism is bad, so they won't want to turn to anything different from the Party. Group 3 yet again got the 200 points. The next question was "Do we have proles in our society? In the societies of F451 or Animal Farm?" One group said that yes we have "proles" but it's not freedom and it's only poverty and some people are trying to do something about it. But one group disagreed by saying that there's more freedom in poor neighborhoods than rich because the poor may do a crime or something because they have nothing to loose, and in rich neighborhoods, that can't happen as much. But another group said that the "proles" in our society do the unskilled labor, and they just are here, and even though people say that their going to do something about their poverty, they really can't do anything about it. The last group basically said that people don't really pay attention to or worry as much about the proles. Mrs. Moritz compared and paralleled the "proles" in 1984 to the poor/less rich people in our society, and in our society we don't focus on poor people, we focus all of our attention on rich people. Even with Mrs. Moritz's great answer, Groups 1 and 3 got the 300 points divided between them. The next 100 question was "These two items were bought at Mr. Charrington's store." Group 4 (with no points) answered with the diary and the paperweight coral drop, with a more descriptive answer than Group 2 (who didn't have any points either). The Points were divided 50 - 50 among Groups 2 and 4. Final Jeopardy: "Winston's fascination with the past is changing his present. What is this going to do to his future?" One group answered with the guess that he will become dangerous to the eyes of the Party. Another said basically the same thing. Another group said that it will make him overthrow the Party because he wants a better life than the Party can offer. The last group said that he will do things with a purpose. Group 3 ended up with the most points.

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