Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Scribe for April 2, 2008

April 2, 2008
Today we started by talking about how to post our scribes on the class blog. Then we took a quiz. Then we started the discussion. Cole asked the question what is the importance of everybody calling each other “comrade?” We then talked about how this makes everybody the came status. The next question asked is smart for the government to change history records. We thought that it was smart if the government was looking for complete control and it helped to make the party look like it was perfect. Then we went into if the media facts were true or not? We thought that it wasn’t completely true because the media tell us what they want us to hear. We thought the truth is manipulated and changed to show morals and important lessons. Does Winston’s ability to touch his toes show how he will break out of the usual mold and change society? We think that he will have to bend and change in able to escape from dying. Are there any governments that are like this government that are in our world today. We thought that the USSR under Stalin and his totalitarian regime. We also thought that it was also a lot like North Korea today. The next question was what does the dark haired woman taking off her clothes in Winston’s dream represent? We thought that it represented detachment and showed that Winston didn’t have a connection with the Party. We decided that people should be able to choose for themselves and not have someone else decide for them. The next question we went into was what was the Thought Police’s purpose and how do you think that they will leave society better off? We thought the thought police were there to instill fear on the people. We think that there main job is to watch people and make sure they keep conforming and don’t rebel. The people forget what happened in history if they are never able to talk about it. Do you think that Obrien’s glance means anything or is it just Winston’s wishful thinking?

OliviaO said...
The presenters for today were Delaney, Matt, Evan, and Joe. We started out the day by taking a quiz based on simple facts that if you did the reading you would have known. After that, they had everyone in the class to write a question about the reading on a sticky note and put ours on the board. Then they split the room up into two teams and a person from each team would go up and face off to see who could answer the question right the fastest. Some examples of the questions are as follows. Where does Winston work? What connection did Winston have with O'Brien. What are the four different ministries and why are the names ironic? Why did the excercise instructor call everyone comrade? Why did Winston dislike the dark haired girl? Why did Winston write about big brother in his diary? Is there a connection between Winston's dream of the dark haired girl taking off her clothes and their political party?When did Winston write in his diary? Did their government have laws? And so on... after every question the class discussed their opinions on the answers. That was pretty much how the whole class period went. Our Homework for tonight is to read 37-64 and to answer the question Delaney, Joe, Evan. and Matt are supposed to post. Tomorrow is Einstien's!

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