Sunday, April 13, 2008

Scribe 3rd Hour April 10th

Hey guys,
Sorry this is late but I have not been able to get to a computer until, well, right now.

Moving on, Ashley, Kenna, Mackenna, and Kelsie presented pages 117-147 in the book 1984. They started out by giving a 5-question quiz. At first, this quiz wasn't like the rest because they gave us hints for the first 3 questions, but for the last 2 we were on our own.

After finishing the quiz we broke off into 3 groups/teams. Then we took our stickynotes, we were asked to write a question on a stickynote for homework, and stacked them. Then the presenters took each stack from the groups and gave each group a different stack. We were told that we were playing tic-tac-toe with a twist. The rules were simple your team would answer questions and if the answer was correct it would be put on your tic-tac-toe broad. The first team with a tic-tac-toe gets a point. The game, however, was not working the way the presentors had wanted it to but they changed the game a little. Instead of each team having their own stack of question, the questions were asked to all the teams and the first to answer correctly got the point.

Once we finished playing the game, Mrs. Moritz asked a question. The question was, "what is ironic about the way George Orwell writes about the way Winston and Julia have sex?" Every team tried to answer but none came up with the correct answer. The correct answer was he describes making love as a violent act, but it is a willing violence. We then discussed Winston and Julia's relationship for the remainder of the class.

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