Monday, April 14, 2008

Friday, April 11th- 4th hour scribe

We were relocated to C-15 during this class period and thus I had no access to a laptop. Because of this dilema I will simply scribe a general overview of what occurred during this class period. First, we took a short 5 question quiz to ensure all of us had completed the reading. We then commenced with a jeopardy game (with super-rad ultra-high-tech buzzers). The quiz consisted of mostly literal questions and team three ended up winning. At the end of the quiz, Carly led a discussion with some extremely thoughtful questions; however, we only were able to discuss one or two of these questions due to the shortened class period. The main question we discussed was the significance of the singing Prole woman. This led us to question what she symbolizes and whether she could be Winston's mother or sister (due to the fact that he possesses absolutely no idea what happened to either of them). WE finished the period with some rather delicious starbursts and an official tasting of the new orange three musketeers by Mrs. Moritz, Carly, and myself (they're actually very good by the way).

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