Tuesday, April 29, 2008

4th Hour Scribe - April 29, 2008

To begin class today, Mrs. Moritz told us that we needed to make masks for Thursday. In the Elizabethan Era, people wore masks to dances to disguise their identity so they could flirt without losing their dignity. The mask needs to be attached somehow so that we do not have to hold it with our hands. We will be learning how to dance like they did back then. We made a stage with the tables, and began acting out Romeo and Juliet. The class volunteered for the parts. Cole and Dennis did rock paper scissors. Cole won crushing Dennis’ rock with his paper. He chose to be Romeo because otherwise he would have to be Paris. While this is being acted out, the rest of us will be following along in our ancient books, tracing the word “night” at the same time. The class got into it right away, especially Seth and Alex, who had to broken apart by Moritz while they were sword fighting. After finishing reading the first scene, we watched an intense modern-day film about the first scene. Mrs. Moritz asked the class why she would show us a film like that. She agreed with the class that she showed us the film because it is more focused on our generation and we could relate to it better. To finish up the class, we finished reading scene two.

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dermodys said...

Today we begun class by receiving our new grammar packets, the only one who will not have to complete this packet or any following grammar packets or tests is Hillary. She aced the previous grammar test with flying colors and therefore according to Moritz’s hundred percent then your out rule, no longer has to partake in any grammar activities from this day forth. Good job Hillary!! After putting away our newly received packets we moved our desks and began continuing acting out Romeo and Juliet (our current unit). Today we completed scenes ii-v in class with some captivating scenes including Romeo and Juliet’s first kiss. But no worries no kissing actually occurred just a friendly hug and lots of laughter! Moritz asked us a few questions to keep us on track about what was happening in each scene. After finishing performing scenes ii-v we watched more of the entertaining modern day Romeo and Juliet with the all so charming Leonardo DiCaprio as Romeo. As class wrapped up we learned ou
r word traces of the word night are due tomorrow so we can discuss the greater significance of this word! We also were reminded that our mask’s are to be brought in tomorrow so we can have/ perform the ball scene. So don’t forget to bring those in, don’t want any identities revealed!